Welcome to Castle Glen Australia

Castle Glen Australia started its life in 1990 with the planting of the Castle Glen Vineyard. In 1994, Cedric designed and built "The Castle" - an iconic building sitting in the heart of the Granite Belt. Having conquered the art of making Table Wine, Fortified Wine and Sparkling Wine (Technique Traditionelle), Cedric started making fruit wines using fruit from the local growers in the district.

Traditional English style Liqueurs and the 'World First' Crème Liqueurs followed to become a large part of the business through the late 1990's and early 2000's and now boasts a range of 300 plus truly unique products. Only the freshest naturally ripened fruit, the best quality nuts, chocolate, and spices are shipped into Castle Glen to make these taste sensations. Castle Glen has continued to diversify, and in 2009 became the first Brewery on the Granite Belt. The Castle Glen Distillery was established at the same time and can now boast to be the first Whiskey producer in Queensland.

100% Natural, Chemical Free and Preservative Free

Castle Glen Wines, Fortified Wines, Liqueurs, Beers and Distillery range are all 100% Natural, Chemical Free and Preservative Free - and definitely 'good' enough to drink. 

Cedric has dedicated his efforts to an organic philosophy growing Castle Glen Vineyard's grapes without pesticides or synthetic sprays. Manufacturing products without chemicals and preservatives has been a focus from the beginning. 


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