Blueberry Liqueur

Castle Glen Blueberry Liqueur

375ml $35.00

500ml $50.00

700ml $55.00

not available Plastic Refill Bottle 990ml $72.50

Blueberry Liqueur features ripe Blueberries picked from the Northern NSW region.
Fermented and fortified, creating a burst of fresh Blueberries on the palate.
A sweet, rich, fruity liqueur with a vibrant colour.
Alternatively, drizzle it over blueberry pancakes and whipped cream in the morning to bring on a lazy Sunday feel to your breakfast.
Preservative Free.

Silver Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2018.

SERVING: Works well in a martini or with some Sparkling Wine or soda water.

ALC/VOL: 21%

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