Cherry Liqueur

Castle Glen Cherry Liqueur

375ml $35.00

not available 460ml $45.00

700ml $55.00

Plastic Refill Bottle 990ml $72.50

Castle Glen’s Cherry Liqueur is created using organically grown, handpicked Granite Belt black cherries that are fermented and fortified in the traditional English method to make this exceptional Cherry Liqueur a warm aperitif. This Cherry Liqueur is a sweet, full-bodied liqueur that is ruby red in colour, harmonious in its intensity and lingers long on the palate.

This liqueur has been produced by Castle Glen since 1999. 

Bronze Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2016.

SERVING: Drink straight or on the rocks. It makes a perfect accessory that adds lavishness, extravagance and civilization to the cocktail mix.

ALC/VOL: 18%

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