18 YO Brandy Liqueur

Castle Glen 18 YO Brandy Liqueur

375ml $38.00

700ml $58.00

not available Plastic Refill Bottle 990ml $79.00

Castle Glen's 18 Year Old Brandy Liqueur is made from the distillation of a grape wine and matured in Oak Barrels for a minimum of 18 years. Use to make the perfect Christmas Cake - it's also the best Brandy to add to a Brandy custard for the Christmas pudding.

SERVING: This liqueur style Brandy is rich and smooth - perfect for sipping straight from a brandy balloon or liqueur glass.

ALC/VOL: 25%

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  • Donna Lucas  - 02/11/2021
    this is a delight, it so smooth and full of flavour!
    • Dustin Wood-Brown  - 14/03/2021
      while im not knowledgeable nor experienced about liqueur and alcohol in general, i do love the taste and smell of this brandy
      • Dean Clark  - 22/04/2020
        Very Nice