Orange Brandy Liqueur

Castle Glen Orange Brandy Liqueur

375ml $38.00

700ml $58.00

Castle Glen Liqueurs’ Orange Brandy is a deep golden amber colour from the fruit and zest of the orange. The Orange Brandy has a medium brandy nose with a slight heat from the 25% alcohol strength. There is a distinct fruity orange background from the zest of the fruit. The Orange Brandy is smooth and has strong bitter-sweet orange flavour followed up by the notes of distinct Australian matured brandy. It has a nice complexity and remains balanced and approachable making it a really good orange liqueur for sipping. The Orange Brandy lingers on the palate making it a perfect sipping liqueur.

SERVING: Perfect on the rocks or add to any cooking recipe that calls for an orange liqueur.

ALC/VOL: 25%

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