Chocolate Creme Liqueur

Castle Glen Chocolate Creme Liqueur

375ml $28.00

435ml $38.00

not available 530ml $40.00

700ml $48.00

Plastic Refill Bottle 2L $129.50

Castle Glen’s Chocolate Crème Liqueur is created using our Cocoa Brandy giving rich and creamy Chocolate notes. The aging process of the Chocolate Crème Liqueur creates a luxurious smooth feel on the palate.

Castle Glen’s Chocolate Crème Liqueur is a world first with “no dairy, no fat, and no egg products”.

Just perfect for those with allergies to dairy products and/or vegans.

SERVING: Drink straight, on the rocks, added to coffee/hot chocolate or use as part of a favourite cocktail or dessert.

ALC/VOL: 18%

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  • Barry Rowe  - 05/01/2022
    Love this stuff. The lady I bought this for uses it as ice cream topping
    • Michael Esposito   - 28/12/2021
      Castle glen's chocolate Liqueur is the best chocolate I've had and I have tried many . Either straight on the rocks or on dessert, its fantastic.. It's a must for me .
      • Stephen Turner  - 06/03/2021
        So rich beautiful poured over vanilla ice cream
        • Donna Noy  - 30/06/2020
          • Debroah Sutch  - 01/04/2020