Dragons Crap

Castle Glen Dragons Crap

375ml $35.00

500ml $45.00

700ml $55.00

not available 990ml $74.50

Dragon's Crap is a Triple Strength Liqueur is created using a blend of ingredients from Castle Glen Liqueur’s Dragon Range – lime, aromatic bitters, ginger, and chilli blended into Castle Glen’s unique Chocolate Crème. The Chocolate Crème is created using our unique Cocoa Brandy, giving rich and creamy chocolate notes to this unusual spicy crème liqueur.
Castle Glen’s Dragon's Crap Liqueur is a world first with “no dairy, no fat, and no egg products”. Just perfect for those with allergies to dairy products and/or vegans.

SERVING: Drink straight, on the rocks, add to coffee/hot chocolate, or use as part of a favourite cocktail or dessert.

ALC/VOL: 25%

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  • Leisa Thompson  - 03/03/2023
    Just the right amount of heat
    • trace sporne  - 11/02/2023
      Tastes a whole lot better than it sounds. Very different, you can definitely taste the chilli with the warmness of ginger and the chocolate gives it a smoothness. 😋
      • Tammy Rushton  - 20/07/2021
        Chocolate with a bit of a kick
        • Va Palfi  - 27/01/2020
          Love it