Dragons Piss

Castle Glen Dragons Piss

375ml $35.00

500ml $45.00

700ml $55.00

not available Plastic Refill Bottle 990ml $74.50

Dragon's Piss is a Triple Strength Liqueur created using fermented and fortified ginger and blended with Castle Glen Liqueurs' White Chocolate. The Queensland ginger is hot and spicy for a winter warmer when served straight or on the rocks.

SERVING: Drink straight - chilled, on the rocks, or add some zing to a favourite cocktail. For a fresh summer alternative serve with lemonade or soda water.

ALC/VOL: 25%

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  • Mary Nicholson  - 04/11/2023
    We add it to our ginger prawns to make them extra gingery and delicious plus it's great to drink over ice.
    • Ainslee Jones  - 24/04/2022
      I’m for all things ginger. Delicious and perfect for a cold weather drink before bed.
      • Greg Topping  - 19/07/2021
        Hi Just bought more on Friday and can’t wait to get this tasty medicine over the lips. MMMM!
        • Heidi Newton  - 10/05/2021
          As a ginger lover my mum will love this. Fun name too!
          • Peter Jackson  - 06/06/2020
            I got dragons crap as a gift last time for the brother-in-law, so this time it’s piss. He liked the crap.