Blood Plum Liqueur

Castle Glen Blood Plum Liqueur

375ml $28.00

700ml $50.00

not available 990ml $61.00

Castle Glen’s Blood Plum Liqueur is created using Granite Belt grown Blood Plums – these are the old original blood plum variety – rich red colour and juicy.

The Blood Plum Liqueur has vibrant colour and is best kept simple to savour the unique taste.

Preservative Free. No added sulphites. No artificial flavours or colourings.

SERVING: Drink straight or on the rocks. For a refreshing drink add ice and soda water.

ALC/VOL: 18%

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  • Diana Stewart  - 09/07/2023
    Amazing! Great flavour and taste, really nice to enjoy on a cold night
    • Lynne Dickson  - 06/12/2022
      Beautiful and really plummy
      • Claire Turvey  - 19/09/2021
        Smooth and delicious. I love this liqueur!