Mini Pack 17


Knights Delight Liqueur 65ml
– Italian coffee and Italian chocolate combined for a luxurious allure and smooth feel on the palate.

Blue Lagoon Liqueur 65ml
– Orange, Mandarin, and Tangerine fruit liqueurs are blended and dyed blue to create an intense fruity liqueur used extensively in fruit cocktails.

Toffee Apple Liqueur 65ml
– A delightfully sweet apple liqueur inspired by toffee coated apples on a stick at the local Easter Show.

Splice Liqueur 65ml
– “Cocktail in a Bottle” – a unique blend of Castle Glen’s Melon, Lime, Agave, and Coconut Liqueurs for a summer favourite.

Ausie B Liqueur 65ml
– Small batch Whiskey Liqueur made from cracked corn and aged in American Oak Barrels for a semi-sweet, medium bodied liqueur with a deep smoky aroma.