Whiskey Liqueur Pack


Bishops Choice Premium 65ml
– The Australian Whiskey Company's Malt Whiskey with aromatic citrus spice, overlaid with warming malty notes of butterscotch - toffee flavours balance with subtle malt Whiskey, oak, and vanilla. The taste is a complex progression, starting silky smooth on the tongue, glowing with the warmth of exotic spices, overlaid with citrus. Finally these flavours entwine, mellow and gently fade - a creation of pure harmony.

Whiskello Liqueur 65ml
– A fusion of The Australian Whiskey Company's Malt Whiskey and a range of specially selected spices and caramel. The perfectly blended balanced liqueur is a spirit of rare luxury, which lingers long on the palate.

Maidens Dream Creme Liqueur 65ml
– Castle Glen’s Maidens Dream Liqueur is created using our Whiskey and Caramel Brandy, giving rich, caramel notes. This Maidens Dream Crème Liqueur is aged making it smooth and velvety on the palate, combining the indulgence of caramel with a hint of specially selected spices. A world first with “no dairy, no fat, and no egg products”. Just perfect for those with allergies to dairy products and/or vegans.

Lazey Knight Liqueur 65ml
– The Australian Whiskey Company's Malt Whiskey and Castle Glen Liqueurs' Ginger Liqueur and white chocolate liqueur are infused together to make this spicy, warming liqueur.

Aussie Comfort 65ml
– Castle Glen Distillery’s Aussie Comfort is an American Style Liqueur made from Australian Whiskey Company’s Malt Whiskey and a selection of special spices.