Schnapps Pack


Mandarin Eau de Vie 65ml
– Castle Glen Distillery’s Mandarin is a Mandarin Eau de Vie. The mandarin spirit is infused with the mandarin skins for colour and most importantly, flavour. The natural sweet richness of the mandarin citrus fruit imparts a unique and complex taste. Silky smooth on the palate, a taste sensation.

Apparg 65ml
– Castle Glen Distillery’s Apparg (Grappa) is a muscato style grape spirit distilled from Castle Glen Vineyard grapes. It is clean and balanced offering bright fruit notes from a blend of organic grown grapes. Castle Glen’s Apparg lingers on the palate with a smooth, sweet and mellow finish.

Lemoncello Spirit 65ml
– Castle Glen’s Lemoncello Spirit is a delicious premium lemon liqueur, free from preservatives and chemicals. Inspired by authentic Italian Limoncello recipes, we have handcrafted this small batch liqueur in Australia with only the finest locally-grown lemons.

Kirsch 65ml
– Castle Glen Distillery’s Kirsch is a dry, colourless Brandy distilled from the fermented juice of the black cherry. Our production methods are traditional. The Kirsch is light and has intensely floral notes – made from tree ripened cherries grown on the Granite Belt.