Botanical Pack


Lavender Liqueur 65ml
– Castle Glen’s Lavender Liqueur is created using lavender grown at the Castle Glen Vineyard. The lavender flowers are distilled for the oil and blended with white chocolate. This botanical liqueur is perfume fragrant with rich floral aroma, and distinct lavender notes. A well-balanced liqueur with a harmonious integration of lavender and chocolate is a delight to the senses.

Amoure Liqueur 65ml
– Amoure Liqueur is created using a blend of 17 Castle Glen Liqueurs. Amoure is a sweet, fragrant liqueur with hints of fruit, musk, and lavender botanicals. Sip slowly and feel the rich and intense notes of sweetness. Amoure is often served with a dry Sparkling Wine (Brut) to make an unusual Sparkling Cocktail. It is also perfect neat or on the rocks.

Musk Stick Liqueur 65ml
– A sweet, fragrant liqueur made with real Musk Thistle oil which is fortified with Castle Glen's White Chocolate. Drink straight, on the rocks, mix with lemonade or soda water, or use in a cocktail like Castle Glen Liqueurs' "Fairy Kisses" Cocktail. Add to whipped cream, your favourite cake or dessert, or pour over your favourite ice-cream.

Turkish Delight 65ml
– Castle Glen's Turkish Delight Liqueur is created by picking Castle Glen grown rose petals from our Vineyard. Pink, yellow and white rose petals are infused into Castle Glen Distillery's spirit and blended with white chocolate making a smooth and fragrant liqueur with rich floral aroma and distinct rose notes. Enjoy straight, on the rocks - also fantastic with Sparkling Wine as an aperitif.

Lemoncello Liqueur 65ml
– Castle Glen’s Lemoncello Liqueur is created using sun ripened Queensland lemons that are fermented and fortified in the traditional English method, making this an exceptional fresh aperitif lemon liqueur. Lemoncello Liqueur is well-rounded and harmonious in its intensity, creating a pleasant sensation of aromatic lemon freshness on the palate.

Peach Blush Liqueur 65ml
– Peach Blush Liqueur is created using Queensland grown Golden Queen Peach fruit. The peaches are fermented whole and fortified in the traditional English method.