Bishops Choice Premium

Castle Glen Bishops Choice Premium

375ml $45.00

500ml $75.00

750ml $80.00

990ml $95.00

The Australian Whiskey Company's Malt Whiskey with aromatic citrus spice, overlaid with warming malty notes of butterscotch - toffee flavours balance with subtle malt Whiskey, oak, and vanilla. The taste is a complex progression, starting silky smooth on the tongue, glowing with the warmth of exotic spices, overlaid with citrus. Finally these flavours entwine, mellow and gently fade - a creation of pure harmony.

Bronze Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2016.

When you purchase the Triangle Bottle (#35), it will be received with it's own Special Box and Carry Bag.

SERVING: Serve straight or on the rocks.

ALC/VOL: 35%

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  • Dale Alards  - 11/04/2022
    Bishops choice is a beautiful liquer . On the nose I feel it has a caramel quality and so sweet and seductive. It’s very creamy and sweet, it has a caramel and whiskey flavour on the palate.
    • Chris Jenkinson  - 07/08/2020
      It rolls around the mouth, tumbles down the throat, blooms in the tummy,warming the cockles of the heart. Heaven in a bottle.
      • Kathy Sevil  - 21/06/2020
        Amazing on ice very smooth
        • Michelle Grundy  - 23/05/2020
          Lovely and smooth
          • Lois and Ray Wilson  - 16/05/2020
            Its a Gold Medal Winner! Everybody likes this one.
            • Ryll Yarham  - 08/05/2020
              So smooth
              • Fred Wilson  - 16/12/2019
                • Steven Harris  - 14/10/2018
                  Great Flavour!