Rum & Ginger Liqueur

Castle Glen Rum & Ginger Liqueur

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Castle Glen’s Rum and Ginger Liqueur is a blend of Castle Glen Liqueurs’ Rum Liqueur (Rumbo) -a delicate, velvety, medium bodied Rum liqueur with creamy, vanilla biscuit flavour - that is blended with Castle Glen Liqueurs’ stunningly hot Bronze Medal Australian Distilled Spirits Award winning Ginger Liqueur.

Rum & Ginger is reminiscent of the cocktail Dark & Stormy.

Gold Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2019.

SERVING: Serve straight or on the rocks. Add to your favourite Rum cocktail.

ALC/VOL: 21%

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  • Christine Dowton  - 09/11/2022
    Another great one to have over ice
    • Raewyn Matthews  - 16/08/2022
      Love the taste and no headache in the morning
      • Andrew Dieckmann  - 01/02/2022
        Very nice, and not as intensely ginger flavoured as I expected. Comes with a hint of ginger burn on the palate as an after thought.
        • Diane Clarkin  - 25/10/2021
          Bought as a gift for my husband. He loved it!
          • Lisa Higginbottom  - 26/09/2021
            Refreshing with just enough ginger to make it zing. Great on ice.
            • Diane Hillyard  - 15/01/2021
              A tasty tropical escape ... and the ginger is distinctive, but not overpowering.
              • Nathan Greer  - 02/04/2020
                Great product good for those chilly nights and to help you get over a cold. Mix with Sosa water or on the rocks