Hazelnut Liqueur

Castle Glen Hazelnut Liqueur

375ml $35.00

500ml $50.00

700ml $55.00

Plastic Refill Bottle 2L $148.50

Castle Glen’s Hazelnut Liqueur is created using roasted hazelnuts. This Hazelnut Liqueur is matured into a rich, pungent, sweet, nutty liqueur with tones of vanilla. Hazelnut liqueur can be described as luxurious, extremely flavourful, and soft on the palate with mild sweetness - exotic, pure, and intense.

Silver Medal - Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2017.

SERVING: Try Castle Glen’s Hazelnut Liqueur straight, on the rocks, or in your favourite coffee or dessert.

ALC/VOL: 18%

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  • Vicki Schofield  - 28/05/2021
    Much better than Frangelico
    • Anne Hughes  - 20/12/2020
      beautiful, smooth taste. Drink over ice. Delicious
      • Vanessa Owens  - 22/06/2020
        • Sarina Gosson  - 12/11/2019
          I tries this with Almond and coconut milk. It was an awesome flavour. I love these liqueurs already and i have only tried one.