Brandy Pack


18 YO Brandy Liqueur 65ml
– Castle Glen's 18 Year Old Brandy Liqueur is made from the distillation of a grape wine and matured in Oak Barrels for a minimum of 18 years.

25 YO Brandy 65ml
– Castle Glen Australia’s 25 Year Old Brandy is made from Australian Shiraz Grapes – fermented, distilled and aged in oak barrels developing a fine, dark, amber coloured brandy.

Cherry Brandy Liqueur 65ml
– Experience the unique colour, warmth, and glow of Castle Glen Liqueur's Cherry Brandy Liqueur. A wonderfully smooth and rich liqueur, made with Granite Belt cherries, a hint of almonds, and tastefully fortified with Australian matured Brandy.

Orange Brandy Premium 65ml
– Castle Glen Distillery’s Orange Brandy has beautiful amber colour from the fruit with zest of the orange. The Orange Brandy has a medium brandy nose with heat from the 35% alcohol strength. Orange Brandy is smooth and has strong, bitter-sweet orange notes followed up by the distinct Australian matured Brandy. It has a nice complexity and remains balanced and approachable - a really good orange spirit for sipping.

Brandy Pack